Are You Ready To Turn Your Freelance Career Up A Notch?

Pssst: Turn right ahead.

Pssst: Turn right ahead.

We all know the “free” in freelancer isn’t about free labor. It’s about the freedom that ‘lancers have to take on any client they want, to turn down projects, to work their own schedule and to not wear regular-people clothes. But some ‘lancers have allowed these benefits to make them complacent in their careers, remaining satisfied by merely making a living rather than focusing on turning a profit.

Freelancers are business owners—whether they’ve incorporated or not. And business owners who want to have long-term careers need to focus on more than just getting by. They need to concentrate on running a profitable business that covers all their financial needs, including future retirement benefits, insurance protection, holiday pay and vacation pay. They also need to generate enough revenues to invest in their business; to advertise, take advantage of diversification opportunities (such as self-publishing), and to cushion the hard times that could be around any corner. is focused on helping you create this distinction in your own career. To give you the necessary tools to push you from just getting by to becoming profitable. In doing so, we’ll talk about things like expenses, income, diversification, finding work, charging enough, passive income and more.

I hope that you find the site useful and enjoy all the free resources I have coming your way. Let’s move forward, together, and create long-term careers out of this writing thing and say goodbye to that skin-of-your-teeth shell game you’ve been playing with your writing income. Let’s move beyond getting by and head instead into profitlancing!

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