Fail little writer--FAIL!

Fail little writer–FAIL!

You know, I work really hard not to get all riled up by the uninformed. Truly, I do. I sit in my quiet home office, look out the window and enjoy the blue jays and cardinals bathing in my backyard. I allow the verdant plant life to calm my soul and put me in touch with a deeper truth. I feel the warm, soft touch of one of my kittles as it rubs against my leg before settling into a sunny patch on the cat tree. I enjoy my every single day to the fullest while, you know, MAKING TEH REAL DOLLARZ AS A FREELANCE WRITER AND SELF-PUBLISHED AUTHOR.

But when I see enough posts about how it’s impossible to do what my cape-less self is doing, how it’s too hard and it’s just crazy to think that you can make a viable living as a full-time writer, something happens inside my brain that makes my right eye twitch and my fingers start typing in an all-cap, sarcasm spree.

I’m not saying everyone can make a living at it, because you know what? Some people can’t. Also not in the news, I will never be a super model. But just because one, ten or even a thousand people fail, that doesn’t make it impossible. People fail at things all the time. Sometimes they just aren’t very good at what they try. Other times, they fail because they won’t do the research, won’t put in the time, won’t put out quality work that people want to pay for, so on and so forth. Just because SOME people can’t do it doesn’t mean you can’t.

I’m not going to tell you it’s easy for a full-time writer to become profitable and create a long-term business, I’m just going to tell you it’s extremely possible. Based on my experience, it’s more difficult if you focus exclusively on self-publishing fiction and non-fiction, but still very, very achievable. When a person tells you it can’t be done, what they’re really saying is that they couldn’t do it. Who knows why, and frankly–who cares? Don’t let them hang that pronouncement on you. Their experience doesn’t define yours and it doesn’t outline the potential for your career.

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